2021-12-20 22:10:28

判断当前 Delphi 的运行库版本:

procedure TForm1.FormShow(Sender: TObject);

The CompilerVersion constant was introduced in Delphi 6 along with conditional expressions. In earlier Delphi versions various compiler defined VERxxx symbols are used to determine compiler versions.

CompilerVersion values and the equivalent compiler defined symbols for the Delphi versions in which the CompilerVersion constant is defined are:

CompilerCompilerVersionDefined Symbol
Delphi 10.2 Tokyo32VER320
Delphi 10.1 Berlin31VER310
Delphi 10 Seattle30VER300
Delphi XE829VER290
Delphi XE728VER280
Delphi XE627VER270
AppMethod 126.5VER265
Delphi XE526VER260
Delphi XE425VER250
Delphi XE324VER240
Delphi XE223VER230
Delphi XE22VER220
Delphi 201021VER210
Delphi 200920VER200
Delphi 2007 .NET19VER190
Delphi 200718.5VER185 (also VER180)
Delphi 200618VER180
Delphi 200517VER170
Delphi 8 .NET16VER160
Delphi 715VER150
Delphi 614VER140
Delphi 513(*)VER130
Delphi 412(*)VER120
Delphi 310(*)VER100
Delphi 29(*)VER90
Delphi 18(*)VER80


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